New Arrival

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I am now in Claremore Oklahoma!  yay!

transfers are insane, but all went well!

I arrived on the 4th of july just in time for fireworks!  out here I guess big firworks are a normal and huge deal cuz EVERYONE was doing it!  I'm living with a family in a room upstairs.  its great!  they came and got us when the firworks started so we all just stood in their front yard and watched!  the land is so flat out here that you can see fireworks all the way from Tulsa!  so cool!

so, Sister Magnus is super amazing.  she has been out 13 months and it shows.  we have a HUGE teaching pool and already I have more stories then my whole 6 weeks in Mena combined.  I was so sad to leave Mena, but Claremore has been so insane and busy I don't even have time to think about it!

the ward is amazing, Testimony meeting yesterday was intense and could have gone on forever!

in Mena we did a lot of work with Less Actives, but here it's all investigators.

on thursday we helped Margaret set a baptismal date for the 17th of july... I don't know how thats going to work because she has serious gangreen on her foot that can't get wet..... hmmm....

later we saw Kim and her two sons Dylan and Eric.  Sister Magnus ran into their ditch a month ago.... I loved hearing that story and eventually I'll share it with you all but for today, as my timer counts down, I'll just say that the lessons with them are incredable! they are so prepared to hear what we have to teach them!

Sunday was the most insane day of all!  We contacted a referal that was amazing!  Sherietta and Gary.  Gary is super Orthodox and intense (and quite a bit drunk)  and Sherietta is pretty okay with where she is at but they were both really interested in what we had to share anyway.  they promised to study what we told them to and we set another appointment, SCORE!  the best part was when we started into the lesson their son came out and sat down with us... he was so so so into what we were saying!  he just ate it up!  wow....

Something Funny
we had a dinner set, but the sister fixing it for us couldn't make it so she say's "I will just put it in the church fridge"
so we do our work and eventually get hungery enough we go find it.
oh wow,  so bad!  I feel so guilty saying that!  but wow!  a box of raisins, expired.  some candy, super super expired, creamcheese and pepers on a peice of bread... what kind of sandwhich is that?
wow.... to funny!

okay.  times up!

I love you all!  the church is true!   my first exchange is today.... pray for me!

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