Transfer Rollercoaster

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first of all.
I'm not going anywhere.
yay :)
neither is sister Hatch.  so it was kinda like nothing happened....

transfers are like a rollercoaster.
you wait in line and you hear all the screams and you're freaking out.  then, you gotta get on the coaster and your heart is pounding and everything is in slow motion yet also going really really fast.  and then the coaster takes off and your screaming and laughing and having a panic attack.  and then it all stops.
and that is what transfer calls are like.
I still don't know how I feel about it all.  but in church on Sunday it was really cool to look around and see all the people it took me this long to get to know and realize that I'm going to spend another 6 weeks here.  it feels good!  I can almost start to feel comfortable with people and I can almost start to relax and maybe look at this as a home.... maybe?
on the other hand.... I'm stuck in the nasty shed behind Walgreens for another 6 weeks.  and I'm stuck on the top bunk bed.... maybe I will talk to sister Hatch about switching out this transfer?  that would be fair, right?  I think the worst thing about this apartment though is the lack of an oven.  I just seriously want to bake something!  I'm gonna have to get on the members to borrow their kitchens I guess.... who doesn't like the smell of cookies in their house?

Two Stories:

#1  the man that lives in Beggs.

there is a man that lives in Beggs.  (Beggs is about 45 min. from sapulpa... but still part of the ward boundaries.)  this man has a daughter and an ex wife that live with him.  very interesting family set up there.... but I guess it works for them!  anyway.... this man has a friend in the broken arrow ward... much much farther away then sapulpa.  so, this man that lives in Beggs decides to find some religion for his family.  he goes to the broken arrow ward.  the bishop of that ward is in shock and awe that this man would drive 2 times as long to get to church.... and so we get a referral.  we are now meeting with him hopefully sometime this week.  I had a lesson with him over the phone two days ago.  the man that lives in Beggs is the most Golden and amazing investigator ever.  I am so excited to meet him and his family and to get the rest of this story... which will hopefully end in the happiest of ways (aka, being sealed in the temple! )

#2  the silly missionary who hit her head on the cupboard. twice.

there is a silly little missionary who was told by her dear sweet companion to shut the cupboard doors.  well, this silly little missionary thought that was a silly little idea and so didn't shut the silly little cupboard doors.  twice.
short story made shorter... now the silly little missionary has a funny little bump on her tender little forehead.

and now I will leave you with a quote I learned this week in Zone Training:

"Until God opens the door, pray in the hallway"

cute, right?  I like it.
you are very welcome :)

it was all stormy and windy and gross... we got super wet and went home a little early to dry off....
severe thunderstorm warning!

while we were waiting out the thunderstorm... I tottally finished up my rubber ducky style Plan of Salvation cutouts!  there are a few pictures.... someday I'll have you watch the video of sister hatch playing with them... it was hilarious :)

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