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first picture is the giant Tulsa gold thing guy.... I don't know but I guess it's famous?  anyway.... I was driving around Tulsa during transfers while waiting on Sister Hatch to get here from Kansas. it was a long but fun day :)

second pic is the fridge in the mission home... it's almost every acronym for OTM.... so crazy!

third is where we do laundry... yeah.  I just though that would be a cool picture to send you for some reason :)  it says Sapulpa Laundry on the window!

I just wanted to show off my hair.  we were doing laundry early morning so it looks poopy, but there you are!  and then sister hatch and I at the Dump today!  yup.  we went to the Sapulpa dump to do some service for a less active family.  it's been a good day!  sadly on days like this I don't bother with makeup or anything.... so thats my face!  yay.... :(

remind me next week to make sure I send you the pictures from my last day in Claremore... I just realized I didn't ever do that!  Terry's baptism!!!! it was so amazing!
but, back to sapulpa:
I need to take more pictures.... for example, the crickets.  there are a million of them!  in the stores, on the windows, in the food..... it's a plague!!!  I took a picture, but then had to delete it because it made me seriously ill to look at!  I swear it, Cricket do NOT look like that in utah!!! these guys are inky black and they just squirm around everywhere... so messed up.
we had Zone conference this week, which is always a blast.  Elder Ellis was there and he talked to us about some cool things that I wrote down and when I get more time (like when I'm home) I might just share it with ya'll!!! 
we are teaching a Less active family, but the son has a live-in girlfreind that is super interested in the gospel.  Rena is a sweetest person and I love her to death!  this family is the bomb and I love going over there :) 
so, that's about it.  we try to stay busy, but a lot of this area is about finding people... its slow but we are working on it! 
<3 sister Longberg!
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