Tiny Miracles

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So Sapulpa is about 20 minutes from Tulsa and we actually meet for our district meetings in the New Haven building, which is the same building as the mission office--I have become rather close with the senior missionaries that work in the mission office and I often run into Sister Shumway. It's neat because most missionaries don't get to be so close to Tulsa--and I have been in two areas now that are the closest to the actual mission home. I don't know--kit's kinda neat I think.

Anyway....the point is I have been in the new haven building most all day today--having a blast with the elders in our district as well as the assistants and the odd senior. The cool think is...the senior missionaries bought us all pizza! Even better...I didn't eat any! I said no! Even better, nothing bad happened! and better yet--something amazingly good and awesome/ miracle/answered prayers happened. While we were waiting on the pizza, Elder Taggert disappeared. He reappeared about 10 minu. after the Papa John's guy had delivered the pizza and he handed me a warm, right from the oven pizza! He had gone to Braums with the leftover money from the seniors and bought me a frozen gluten free pizza--and then heated it up at his apartment for me!

I struggle to believe that anyone honestly cares about me out here--but I think I'm starting to understand that I am loved! God loves me and He will send angels to help me! No matter where I am, I will always have people around who love me.

District outing and my Gluten free pizza!

my Yoda fruit snack distracting me during studies
and then the moment that I chose to eat him! 

Thoughts on the Book of Mormon

Did you know its the best book I've ever read? Yeah--it is. Honestly! It has Everything! war, love, action, adventure--and it's all true! It's all from God? 
Why don't people want to read this?
My favorite story = Alma 46 (Moroni is my fave person--Alma 48:11-13, 17)
My personal favorite scripture = Alma 26:26-28.

AND the scripture I wish I had used for my missionary plaque = Alma 26:12.

What's your favorite story/thought from the Book of Mormon?

You sent me a pretty pic of the mountains.  well... BAM!  That's the sky in Oklahoma!

also... one example of the blessings of the members here in sapulpa!  :) 
FYI, transfer calls are this Saturday....

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