Busy in Claremore

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so so so busy!  

Sister Magness is a sister training leader (STL).  I think I said that last time, but I don't think I explained it.  because of all the new sisters coming out they created STLs to help train.  being the companion to a sister training leader is insane and amazing.  

last Monday was our first exchange because Sister Magness went to Tulsa for a leadership training meeting with a couple other STLs and so I was left alone with a girl who had only been out 3 days.  oh dear.  all I can say is that I'm still alive!  craziness. luckily the ward in Claremore is amazing and so we had a member with us the whole day to help with the lessons and finding people, so at least we weren't totally alone!   when Sister Magness got home I was so happy to have her back!  she explained to me that at her meeting Sister Shumway (mission presidents wife) planned out some exchanges with the STL and that our exchange with her would be the next day, on Wednesday.  
oh dear. 
that's what we get for being so close to Tulsa.  
so we worked our behinds off that night trying to plan and get another ride for me with a member.  I was so confused!  I had no idea what was happening the whole time and now that I'm trying to write it all out I don't feel like it even makes sense!  
so, sister training leaders go on 24 hour exchanges with the sisters, and then Sister Shumway goes on an Exchange with the sister training leaders.  

Wednesday morning we still didn't have the day planned, Sister Shumway came at around 9:00 and I was so stressed from the previous day and from no sleep and from shock and confusion and insane crazy everything that I (of course) started to cry.  
now here is the thing about Sister Magness and Sister Shumway.  if you start to cry, you don't get away with it.  they will grill you until you spill every small detail of your pain.
I ended up with the opportunity I doubt alot of sisters get.  I spent 2 hours with Sister Shumway.  I got to cry and talk and cry some more.  I heard her amazing stories and I shared my concerns.  I got amazing advice and tips and hints.  I feel bad for taking up that part of the day but at the same time I needed it so badly!  Sister Shumway gave me some amazing study tips and ideas and she promised to give me a tool that would help me memorize scriptures and lessons.  I'm so grateful for that morning!  
after that breakdown, Sister Shumway took us out to lunch and then we split.  I went out with a Sister in the ward and Sister Magness went with Sister Shumway. we met up again at around 6:00 for dinner at a members home.  and then we had two more lessons all of us together.  it was amazing to see Sister Shumway teach.  I love that woman!  

I never get to write in my journal anymore!  we are so busy all the time, we are lucky if we get the lights off at 10:30.  Sister Magness tells me I can just go write and get ready for bed while she takes care of everything, but I refuse.  I feel for her!  she has so much on her shoulders and she is such a nice person!  she works so hard for the other sisters and areas and then for ours.... it's insane and I want to do all I can to take some of that burden from her... so I update the area book and work on the paperwork while she makes calls and keeps the sisters from falling apart.  Missions are hard work.

I'm a terrible missionary.  I left my planner at home and now I don't know what to write..... what did we do this week?  
SO MUCH HAPPENED!  I can't keep it all straight!  
I've never been so busy.

ok.  I have chiggers.
they itch. 

this morning we had lunch with our district and zone leaders.  I had an egg.  not eating gluten is hard and stressful out here because everything is fried and I don't eat at home enough.... 
I don't have much control over anything. 


Transfer Day!  yay.  
Sister wilson, Sister Stockhoff, I'm not sure, and me!  we were all in the MTC together!  

Will Rogers... I'm not sure who he is, but he is a big deal in Claremore!  

Not a good picture... but funny.  this is Sister Magness!  she was driving and trying to take a picture.... the sunset was amazing!  
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