coming home

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hey, this is sister Longberg /  Karen, speaking to you all way from...... salt lake city!  home :)
I know... it's early.
I wasn't scheduled to be home until November.
but I've been sick.  I've been really sick.
and being sick is not something missionaries are good at!  a missionary is made to work, and to be out with people and to work and work and work.
sick people do not work well.
I gave it my all.
I am confident I could not have done better with the time the lord gave me to serve.
I prayed and I prayed and I know that coming home to get better is what I needed to do.
I love the people I was able to meet and the lessons I have learned and all the stories I have to share.
I am excited to start my life with these amazing memories!
I am excited to continue this blog as I get my health back and transition into normal human mode :)

I want to share with you a cute video my sister and brother-in-law made of the day I got home - The Surprise

<<< this is a still from the video mentioned above.
let me tell you: no words can describe the feeling you get as you come down that escalator... the panic, the excitement... it's like an out of body experience.
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