Notes from my talk on "The Spirit of the Pioneers"

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--The spirit of Sara Augusta Squires
·       Only 8 years old!
·       She had a testimony
·       She trusted her father and Heavenly Father
--The spirit of Amanda Barnes Smith (also in “Our Heritage”, p. 50)
·       Sacrifice and prayer
·       She was made humble
·       She listened for her answer (angels were helping)

Be a Modern Day Pioneer
1 Nephi 3:7 *Mom=my favorite pioneer J
We all need our own pioneer story
·        Our trials are custom fit to who we are
·        Remember who God wants you to be!
·        Ether 12:6 = We need our trials


1.      Trust in God—the way we approach trials and hard experiences will differ—but one thing should always remain the same—trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Alma 36:3
·        Understand the Plan
·        Remember they love you

2.      Respond in Faith
·        Ask: what can I learn? Who can I help? How can I remember my blessings?
·        Keep reading
·        Keep praying
·        Seek His word and wisdom
·        Act on your knowledge

3.      Find peace and joy in trials
·        Mosiah 24:13-14
·        Endurance—2 Nephi 31:20—Steadfastness, “walking with God”, like angels with the pioneers, we can get help and be strong!

He wants us to be AMAZING!!!
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