Baptism in Cassville

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sister ma'alona could hug really well.... but guess what happened to her!  
on friday evening we get a call from president saying she is being emergency transferred to.,.. somewhere I can't remember!  I guess there is a sister who's been out for a transfer and 2 weeks and she just can't do it anymore and she gave up and went home.  so we lost sister ma'alona.
it was a very sad and cry filled day.  we got the call friday at 5, we went to dinner at 5:30 with some members.  at 6:30 we were at the church for tracy's baptism (which went perfectly :) ) and then we finally got home at 9.... and she packed till 11:00 and then we left saturday morning at 8:00. 
wow.  I don't know how she did it. she is one strong missionary!  

on sunday we had to speak... and at first we were super sad that sister ma'alona was gone because that meant our talks had to be longer, but we forgot that tracy needed to be confirmed that day and then we had two youth speakers and all.... so really it all worked out perfect!  
I have never given such a good talk :)
even though I was feverish and coughing and sneezing and achy and I sound like a man, I prayed and I spoke with serious power.  I was so proud of myself!  
I'm going to send you the whole talk I wrote out.... sadly it's not exactly what I said or anything... most of it's not even spelled right because I wrote it in two minutes before church that day!  but I'm going to give you that final copy.  I'm really proud of myself and maybe you can go over all the scriptures with eric... it's mostly the book of mormon and nephi :)

Tracy's baptism went really great.... I am waiting for someone to send me pics so I can send you pics!  
I really wish I wasn't so hurty today so I could have more patience to write to you!

we talked to vicki... she isn't really progressing, but she is amazing and she loves when we come visit. we might get her to come to church on saturday for the general conference. 
we have a new investigator named Mike, he is tracy's friend.  he joined us for one of tracy's lessons a few weeks back and now he is coming to church and he carries around those HUGE book of momrmon and Bibles EVERYWHERE!  he is sooooo funny.  he will be a slower process... but he is a blast to teach!  he is such an old out woods hick sorta guy, but he sure loves to learn!  

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