Day 173

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so guess what.... I went through all my old planners and counted up how many days I have been on my mission. and then I went and continued on through a new planner.  yeah, maybe that's a little obsesive.... but it was fun either way! 
well, this has been one up and down sort of week! 
first we had exchanges in Pawhuska... I don't know if exchanges are different with Elders or what, but they suck for sisters.  it's rough and awkward being a different area with a different companion.  you have to pick up like you know everything, and yet you don't know a thing!  so so so uncomfortable!  the sister I was with took me with her as she dropped a family of investigators.  now, let me get one thing straight, when I think of "dropping" someone... I just don't visit them as often or I no longer consider them as progressing, but I always strive to keep the door open to them.  the sister I was with in Pawhuska did the opposite.  she came in, sat on their couch and said "you all are not progressing, I am dropping you."  well... things got super awkward from there.  wow. 
I saw my first tarantula.... so that was completely terrifying.  I didn't get a picture.... wish I had!  there were three of them walking across the dirt road.  yup.... I do not want to serve in pawhuska.  but, of course, with transfers coming up on saturday and the fact I just said that... you can guess where I'll probably go!  I said that same thing about sapulpa, and now look where I am! 
the ward did the annual Trunk or Treat.  that was a blast! 
one of the sisters in the ward gave sister Hatch and I the cutest hot pink skirts!  oh my golly gumdrops!  so so so cute and so so so sweet of her!  I didn't get a picture... shame on me again!  but wow, those skirts are adorable and fun :)  what a nice lady!  this ward is so great :)
now onto the good news! 
Alicia is a recently activated less active... she had been out of the church for 18 years and had 5 kids in that time.  her husband and all her kids are not baptized.  well, Cassie is 10 and is the cutest thing ever!  earlier this week we talked to her mom about teaching cassie, and her mom said "ask her!"  so on sunday, we started talking. 
we started off with small talk and then I guess I lost patience and I just blurted out "cassie, do you want to be baptized?"  and cassie's eyes went huge and she said "yes yes yes!  can I?"  and I laughed and said "absolutely, but we have to come over and teach you a couple lessons first."  Cassie hugged her mom so tight!  I am so excited to start bringing this family into the church fully!  this will be so good for them :) 
sad part is... transfers!  what if I leave? 
Colby is another person we are working with... he is ready to be baptized, he just keeps letting things get in the way.  I am so terrified of being pushy... but he needs this and he knows it is true and if he holds off much longer, he is going to start losing his fire! 
now, for the sad/happy story of this week....

there is a stray cat outside of our shed/garage/apartment... and this stray cat had 2 little baby kitties on thursday!  so darn adorable!  and then, on saturday.... the white one was all cold and not moving.  so now there is 1 little baby kitty. 
I cried... and Sister Hatch was super confused.  apparently when kitties die, it's not a good reason to be sad. 
sometimes I just feel really alone out here.... but then we invite people like Cassie to be baptized and the world is an amazing place again.  oh, what a roller coaster! 
possibly another thing that made this week difficult was that my studies have been rather down lately... as in I am reading in Ether... the end of Ether... when every one dies.  so terribly sad!  secret combinations and wicked people and war after war after war.... why can't every one just get along! 
but then I read verses like Ether 12:4
Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with asurety bhope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which chope cometh of dfaith, maketh an eanchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in fgood works, being led togglorify God.
and I just feel so much better... :)
it will all work out... we just have to do what we can and live when we know and be good and honest and keep trying.  doesn't make it any easier, but it will all be worth it! 
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