Service with a Smile

By | 8:05 PM
this week was slow on lessons but so super busy in service!

we helped an older lady weed her garden. (Oklahoma really does have a lot more bugs than Utah.  I promise.)
we worked with all the Elders... which was a blast, until they started acting like 5 year old kids.  still fun though :)

we also helped a recent convert family move.  their sons are not members... and have absolutely no desire to even look at the missionaries, but on Friday when we helped them move we were all talking and chatting and those two boys promised to join us the next time we visit!  I'm so excited to teach the whole family now :)

we took the long way to district meeting this week... cuz I was hoping we would see some of the trees changing colors... not so lucky though!  it is hot and humid here.  hard to believe its fall....  except for the past two days... which have been super freezing in the mornings.

conference was awesome.  we watched the first two 3 sessions at the church.  very quiet and very emotional.  I love love love watching conference in the chapel!  for the last session though we went to a members house for dinner.  they made popcorn and we curled up on the couch with blankets and their new puppy..... very fun :) not as spiritual but definitely more like home!

and that was my week basically.  super boring but yet super busy and crazy hectic and went by super fast!

sister Hatch is hilarious... we are trying a new finding technique were we sing primary songs at the top of our lungs as we walk to the mail or around our neighborhood.  hasn't worked yet..... but someday!

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