Owasso, Here I Come!

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Transfer calls.
and I am going to Owasso.
golly, I get closer to Tulsa every Transfer!

Transfer night we put on face masks and ate halloween candy!
when the call came, sister Hatch answered so she got hers first.  Huntsville Missouri... speaking Marshellese!  she screamed and I thought I would die.  when I heard she was leaving I felt safe thinking "we both shotgunned this area... they won't shotgunn us out for sure!  that means I'm staying here!" but it was not to be!  they are sending me to Owasso....
I'm kinda excited... Owasso was turned into a sisters area just last Transfer, and it was in my district when I was in Claremore.  there are two wards in Owasso, so it's kinda big.  the area should be small but with a decent amount of members.  it's close to Tulsa, so no more crazy long drives in the middle of no where.  I'm excited.  although... I suspect we won't have a car there..... hmmm.... good thing I have a good pair of boots!

I'm really sad though because I won't be here when Coby and Cassie get baptized!
yesterday, in church, Alicia Murray, Cassie's mom, stood up in sacrament to bear her testimony.  she was instantly in tears and she said she would not apologize for her emotion because she hadn't borne her testimony in 18 years.  she expressed regret at not raising her family in the church... but she said the most beautifull things about her love for the church and her excitment about getting a temple recomend soon.  she said how gratefull she was to us, sister hatch and I, for teaching Cassie and her and how happy she is that Cassie is so excited to be baptized.
sister Hatch and I were in tears the whole day after that!

and then, I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  which I finished for the first time on Saturday.

so yeah... it's been an emotional couple of days!

today is packing... and the aquarium.  I am putting my foot down!  Sister Hatch and I WILL go see the Tulsa aquarium before I leave Sapulpa!!!!!
 At district meeting where we set baptism dates for Coby and Cassie!

 At district meeting where the elders stole our name tags!

 And Sister Hatch cut her hair off!!!!!!
Coby and his missionaries
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