My First Few Days in Owasso

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well, Owasso is huge... but a very small area.  it's basically Utah out here.  reminds me way to much of SLC!  

I love it so much!  I hate change, but I think I am going to love it out here!  

we have a baptism coming up already!  I know,  I just got here but I have taught him twice now and I went with him to the mission home.  he had to be interviewed by president shumway because he is on probation.  but he is so amazing and so golden!  he got the go ahead and the baptism will be next saturday. 

there are more people worth talking about, but I left myself with very little time today!  

Sister Empey is awesome.... if you know Christine Curtis... yeah, that's her!  same face and everything!  totally twins!  she has been out for 4 months and she keeps asking me questions like I would actually know the answers.... cuz apparently I've been out for longer or something.  I don't know when that happened!  

so my 6th month mark was on the 8th.... no one did anything.  I'm rather disappointed with the world right now.  I was expected a serious party with cake and balloons.... oh dear.  

the computers in Owasso don't connect to cameras!  so lame..... so no pics from me while I am here!  

oh... so many more stories!  

church is soooooo huge and busy!  that was the best sunday since home!  
I am in the choir!  yay me!  
I am not eating Gluten... I mentioned it to someone and they jumped on it and now the whole ward knows and I am not eating Gluten... so that's really cool!  
I really think thats what is helping me be okay with all this change..... I need to be strong and just not eat that stuff!  it helps me sooooo much when I avoid it..... these headaches on the other hand!  oh dear.... why is my health feeling so crappy only since I came out here?  there has to be a lesson in there for me.... I just haven't found it yet!  

anyway... all is well here.  

I will write better next week.... maybe!

Photos from the Aquarium in Sapulpa on my last P Day there.

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