200 Days in the Mission Field!

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about 350 days left....

well... it happened!  
Jesse was baptized on the 23rd :)


what an awesome experience that was!
his mom gave a talk and bore her amazing testimony.  tears all around.  

best part of the story, the elders brought an investigator of their own, CJ.  
CJ didn't know it, apparently him and Jesse used to be best of friends.  

so, it's confusing, but the story is:

CJ had a tough life, and he didn't want to live like he was anymore so he dropped all his old friends (Jesse included)  and separated himself from his old life of drugs and breaking the law.  he found the church and referred himself through Mormon.org to the missionaries.  the missionaries taught him a few lessons, and when they got to fasting, he decided to try it and he fasted for his friends that they would find the truth.  
in comes the sister missionaries.  Jesse reads the book of mormon and knows it's true, we set a date with Jesse.  the Elders think that seeing a baptism would be the perfect thing to help CJ stop smoking and move forward with his own baptism, so they invite him to come.  

fast forward to saturday at 11:00.  CJ walks in and the Elders introduce him to Jesse.  Silence.  Jesse jumps up out of his seat and hugs CJ so hard.  tears.  every one is in shock.  

Jesse is baptized.  testimony is shared.  the spirit is super strong.  
the service is over, but now everyone needs to hear the whole story!  
we spent almost 30min. afterward just asking questions.  
everyone was in shock!  
a modern day miracle!  

so, CJ has officially stopped smoking.  he has a date for 2 weeks from now.  

cool things are happening here in Owasso!  

on another note.  It sure is cold in Oklahoma!  humid in the summer equals sticky sweat... humid in the winter equals ice.  ice everywhere.  icy skin, icy hair, icy lungs and lips and teeth.  ice everywhere.  
and our cars heater isn't working.  so.... that's the news on the weather.  

our ward mission leaders wife cut my hair today :)  it looks good!  
yay to free hair cuts for missionaries!

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