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I got my hair cut... It feels so much better now! 
District Meeting!  and then exchanges in Broken Arrow... and a lot of knocking on doors.... thanksgiving and holidays are rough for missionaries because NO ONE IS HOME!
we did finally get to see an older man... he had at least 20 little dogs!  no lie!  I thought I was going to pee myself. 
we've been doing service at the Owasso community center every week with the Elders in the Ranch Creek Ward.  so much fun! 
we started house sitting for our neighbor (not a member)  and feeding his dog while he is out of town for the holiday. 
Thanksgiving day! 
didn't really feel like it though... but not so much in a bad way as just a bleh way.
dinner was all homemade, very good!  almost as good as what I can make..... I'm excited for next year when I can use some of the recipes I am collecting from out here! 
we spent the rest of the evening with the Mattingly family.... I just love them!  so perfect cuz I feel at home there. 
thanksgiving dinner again!  with the mattingly family... kinda :)  we left before the actual meal, but just being there was great! 
visits.... and more visits. 
we had dinner with a member family in the ward and they invited Jesse (the recent convert) and his family.  we taught them all the restoration again. 
I think my favorite thing about being out here is seeing how much people change after baptism.  I don't know if they notice it... but they change in an amazing way!  they seem more sensitive to things and more understanding and open and calm and there is a peace they carry... wow! 
fast sunday.... I actually had a really cool experiance with what I was fasting for and the answers I recieved.  someday I will share it more, but for now it's still to fresh and new.  but, I will say that I have been having a hard time, (although any missionary who claims they are not having a difficult time is totally faking it!)  but I was fasting for an answer and I didn't think I would get it, but I tried fasting anyway... and it was so crazy how I fought it so hard and then I kept getting the same answer over and over and kept ignoring and fighting and the answer hit me again and again until I finally let it sink in and accepted what god was trying to share with me. 
coolest part was that it came from another person... a person who isn't even a member and hardly really knows me....
I am going to organize all my junk and figure out what I actually need and what can get thrown out...
why do I have so much stuff? 
zone conferences are coming up!  fun stuff :)
oh yeah!  and duh!
on sunday I had the neat experience of asking Laura to be baptized... we actually invited her for dec 25... christmas day! 
she is so excited :)  she wanted that same day, but was too nervous to ask, thinking we would say no. 
transfers are on the 18th though.... that would be so lame to leave here right before her baptism and christmas! 
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