December Blessings

By | 3:38 PM
last week was swelll, but this week will be better!
Laura is getting baptized on the 21st and Jesse got the priesthood just yesterday so he can baptize her :)
I may just get to go to the OKC temple with that family on the 28th :) 
pray that that will happen! 
so many blessings!  I can't wait to skype you :)
sorry... I'm lame with writing lately....
I try to just journal things and then move on.
bringing up the past week is hard.
I did have a really bummer lesson on tuesday. 
the guy was totally anti...
shook my testimony a bit... well, a lot. 
but I live with an amazing family and the preisthood is in that home and I love it!  so... I got a blessing and so did sister empey and things are great :)  we still visit that family... they gave me a christmas gift.  the wife is going to take the lessons secretly.... I don't know how I feel about that. 
Jason is a nice guy, but he's just not ready.  Angela is so so so ready!  but I don't want to split up their family! 
anyway... sorry!  I'm going to go now....
sister Hixson bought our food this morning!  maybe I'll be able to save up for a coat?  I don't know, it's not even that cold actually.... for now! 
well, I love you!
merry christmas :) 

hey... what do I send you all for christmas? 
it's in only a few days! 
maybe I'll write you a poem and recite it over skype... would that even be a good gift? 
I love you so much :)  I wish I could give you the world!

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