Transfers--Two Become Three

By | 8:55 PM
I am staying in Cassville with sister Burt, but we are getting another sister! my first Trio.... I don't know how I feel about that.  I'm definitely an attention hog, so the idea of trying to share my companion with another companion kinda freaks me out.  but I actually know the sister that's going to join our party:  sister Ma'alona.  she was in Claremore when I was in Owasso... so she was in my last district.  she has just barely finished training.  she is super cute and quiet, but I think we will have fun... I think.
as for how this week has been..... well, I don't have much to say. 
Monday: snowed in.
Tuesday: finally got to E-mail, but I was sick so I really just slept...
Wednesday: still sick
Thursday: more service at the methodist church, and then I got to sleep and watch old church movies with aunt michele while sister Burt went out with christina to teach Tracy who now has a baptism date for march 28 :)
Friday: sister Burt is now sick
Saturday: sister Burt still sick, but we tried to see vicki again... her son was there and he just loved us!  gave us a hug even though we told him no... so that was weird.
Sunday: church and MCM and we spent alot of time talking to a guy in a trailer park about aliens. 
this week we have zone conference, I'm really excited for that :)  Elder Ellis is coming to our mission!  did you get to watch the last CES devotional with him?  and of course the book, the infinite atonement, he wrote.  I love this guy and I'm really excited for the conference.

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