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I saw Fireflies on monday. that was amazing!
they are officially out and they are everywhere!  I love it... this may be the only bug I love seeing! 
besides fireflies, there are a ton of other bugs... very large bugs....
I don't like those bugs.

President Shumway asked all the Missionaries to inform the memebers of this upcoming missionary meeting.  sooooo, Sister Daines and I spent this whole week tracking down members.  wow.  just to be clear our branch boundaries are about a 50 mile radius... and a lot of the members are on the outskirts. 
a lot of dirt roads and a lot driving.

on Wednesday we had the most interesting experiance... we were trying to find Brother Fischer.  we found his house, we knocked on the door and an older lady answered. we asked about Brother Fischer and she told us that he had died 3 years ago.
no wonder he was down as a less active member....
so, we just stood on the door step and chatted with this woman for a few minutes.
turns out this lady was the mother of Chad Voelkel!  (the man sister Daines baptized last month) 

so now we know where she lives....

the Broadcast was amazing!  wow! 
I'm sad that it wasn't announced over the pulpit there as something for all the members.... that's super sad!
the information in that meeting was meant for everyone and it was all soooo important!

I loved the story that President Monson shared about building a ward house in canada or where ever.... I'm sure the video is on (someone should find that and post it?) 
FYI... when that story played, the whole Branch was laughing and crying because that their story! 
I loved it!

There is a small church in Board Camp (one of the out lying tiny towns) and their outhouse was stolen!  there was an add in the paper and on their sign saying:
"please return our outhouse, not having it is causing quite a stink!"
 yes, people still use out houses here.
another sign I saw was in front of Baptist Church:
"I-pod, I-Tunes, how about I Pray"
 love that.

we tried to visit a Less Active member with the Shaws. 
the shaws insisted they go with us because this member living in a trailer park that is well known for the drug activity and shootings. 
yeah... we didn't even bother getting out of the car.  there were bullet wholes in the building!  and people around just staring at us... so scary.
Elder Shaw: "I suggest you girls don't come out here at night."
Sister Shaw: "I suggest you just don't ever come here.  ever!"

I love the Shaws... they are so cool and hilarious! 

The other day we went tracting and I was hot and kinda frustrated because I was hungry and it was late and sister Daines was making us finish up the street first. So- I knocked on the door and told the lady we were mormon tractors. So fun! We actually ended up teaching her the restoration and we are returning to help her with her garden and to see if she read the amazing little book we gave her- fun times! Sister Daines said my door approach was cute but not very "missionary," I said God loves us- we are allowed to color outside the lines. It makes me happy! I know God is happy and proud of my coloring! 

Sister Longberg
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