Lum & Abner

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1. What is your companion like?

Sister Daines is from Logan, she is 21, she has been in the feild for 5 months... almost 6.  she does a weird thing with her eyes whenever she talks... they get big and then small really fast.... she is really nice,... she is an amazingly obediant missionary, but only with the things she wants to be obediant to.  I don't think she realizes how choosey she really is with the rules :/  she loves to run, and I feel really bad because I just can't do that.  luckily there is a track behind our apartment, so she can run and I can walk.  I think she gets annoyed with me. 
I worry alot and she loves to tell me I've not been out long enough to worry like I do... I know I slow her down, but she doesn't get mad at me or anything. she is very patient and kind and she tries really hard. she talks alot... a whole lot.  and not about anything important either.... she just loves to talk. so it gets really awkward during lessons... I feel like we waste a lot of time.  she always complains that there is not enough time in the day and i want to say that if she didn't talk so much maybe we would have more time.... but I love her stories!  she's a nice person.... kinda serious and not very fun... but really nice.
3. How are you managing with drinking water from Walmart?

I'm managing.  I don't like it, but I'm getting used to it.... i'll figure it all out eventually.  luckily I already don't drink from the tap so we had a bunch of bottled water for the boil order that was on all this week.  some people were really struggling with that.
4. Did you solve the driving paperwork issue?

no. I don't know what to do.  I'm going to ignore it.... interveiws with the President are on tuesday, maybe I will bring it up with him?  I don't konw anything.

5. How are your shoes working out? Your clothes? What do you wish you had?

my clothes are great. i have no issue with my shoes or anything.  it's all perfect.  I wish I had my pink skirt... but it's not important... I'm really doing great in that area.

6. What about food? What about milk? Does anyone have a cow?

everyone has a cow... but I don't know about milk for me.  sister Daines drinks skim milk and thinks I'm odd cuz I freak about my food all the time.  I have been having small stomach problems.... I am not happy about my food at all.  I wake up almost every night with indigestion... I have tums that help.... I don't know what to do about the food.  I eat what they feed me.  I hate food!  but I'm getting better.... I bought some lettuce and tuna and oats... sister daines thinks I'm odd but it's better then her nasty burritos and mac and cheese! 

7. How are you handling the humidity?

it hasn't been super humid here lately.  everyone loves watching my face when they tell me that it is going to get a million times worse though. 
in the mean time.  the weather has been amazing!  except for the flooding.... that was not good.

8. Is the stormy weather past?

yes... kinda.  it still raines a bit, but not flood worthy.  everyone is still in shock about what happened.  people love asking me  how I like Mena since my only experiece with this town has been after all these terrible storms. 
on wednesday we had a district meeting and we had to drive thru Ycity to get there.  Y city had the worst of the flood damage... and you could see it plainly from the road. 
wow... I have never seen anything like that.  there were clothes everywhere.  mattresses in trees... a truck in a tree!  houses totally destroyed... dead cows.  awfull stuff.

 Okay... my day by day really quick:

the laundromat is gross.  I don't like it at all.
we ate Pizza and did service at a Baptist church... we helped re-build their stone bell tower that was messed up by the flooding.  I also learned that the back of a truck is called the "Turtle Hole"  that was odd... good laughs.
District Meeting and Elder Shaws birthday... I made brownies :)  that felt good! 
I cried... alot... missions are hard!  luckily it was weekly planning so we stayed in for a while.  but later that afternoon we went with the youth to Hatfeild where they had a tornado this week and we helped with some of the cleanup. it felt good to be out and do service, but I can't get over how tragic all these storms have been! 
Friday and Saturday: 
The Lum and Abner Festival!
so awsome!  the church set up a tent and I spent litterally all day both days at our booth talking to people and handing out cards and copies of the book of mormon.  we had a sign that said "ask a mormon a question"  and then with colored paper we pasted up diffrent questions.

I had the idea to get some balloons and write on them to pass out to kids... and the kids just loved me! 
I walked around the park and tried some fried cheesecake, and some fried green beans and some fried icecream and every other fried crazy thing out there. 
we met a couple of Jehovahs Witnesses and I got some of their literature and a bible.... super neat actually.  I managed to give him our pass along card and the elders in our district said I was the coolest thing ever cuz I guess Jehovah's Witnesses tend to stay far away from us mormons and so their liturature is hard to come by, and they will never take pass along cards from us.... so I felt pretty cool about that :)
I got a necklace that has my cherokee name and Sister Longberg scracted into a porcupine quill by a cool cherokee woman who was there.
alot happened... all of it in my journal.  someday I will tell you more :)

Yes! I ate a funnel cake! Well- okay- I tried a funnel cake- but it was WAY to sweet
so I gave the rest to the Elders. I think I'm their favorite now...

 We Went tracting and came across This amazing lake! Well- we didn't "come across" the lake- we were tracting all around it and then randomly found a place in the trees that opened up onto a deck/peir with a cute swing, so pretty! And it was only kinda humid that day!

 Thats my church! The cute little Mena branch poking out threw the trees! Mena is so blessed to have that Building- and in such a beautiful location! Wow :)

On sunday I had a cool experience in relief society... one of the members got up to pray and she burst into tears and gave the most amazing prayer of my life.  she asked for a blessing on the missionaries and on the people of Mena.  she expressed she great sadness at how small and feeble she felt the branch was and how desperately she wants to see it grow.  by the end of her prayer everyone was in tears and instead of the regualar lesson we all just discussed missionary work and what members can do to help.  it was amazing.

Last bit of funny...
there is a possum or something living in the ceiling....
it has kept me awake for the past 3 nights.I told the land lady about it and she said "welcome to Arkansas"
oh dear.

another bit of funny... or sad... whatever..
Sister Daines almost hit a bunny and I screamed... she laughed and said it wouldn't have been the first time.
she thinks it's funny how opposed I am to people hurting animals or how sad I get everything time we see a dead one on the side of road (which is all the time)  because appartently I get super duper nervous and figity around dogs and cats in peoples houses.... I say that just because I don't like animals doesn't mean I'm happy when I see dead ones!  seriously though... it makes me sick...
so on that happy note.   

 I love you! 

<3 Sister Longberg
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