A Leap of Faith to Cassville

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I feel bad I just suck at writing lately.  well... I've struggled with it my whole mission.  my journal and my e-mails and my notes....
I love love love to write, it's always been my special sacred happy thing.  I don't know why, but it's just not that way out here.  it takes serious effort and I just don't want to bother with it!  I have way way way to much else to worry about!  I don't want my love for writing to become a chore! 
so.... at least for now.... I am going to keep writing like this.  super confusing and rambled letters to you :)  I had all these dreams of having a super great blog.....  I just can't do that right at this moment! 
even though transfer calls don't happen until Saturday night, I got to know I was leaving on Friday........
........... and as I was pondering on that early Friday evening I thought:  that would be pretty amazing if I went to Cassville.  wouldn't that be crazy?  that would be such a cool sign to me that I am meant to be here if I got called to Cassville!
well.  I am going to Cassville.  (Mother's Note: This happens to be where Trent and Michelle are living now.)
and on another note, I saw the most amazing miracle on Sunday!
Angela came to church.  
on her own, she didn't come with her son and she didn't come because we asked her to.  she came late, and she came alone.  
she took the leap of faith she needed to take.  
I have known for the longest time she was like me in way too many ways.  she needs a safety line for every action.... leaps of faith are necessary things that we just don't do easily!  
I leaped when I came out here.... I don't regret it, but I get discourage sometimes (almost all the time, but whatever!) 
but Angela!  she leaped on Sunday!  and I got to see it and I felt like flowers and roses all day :) 
and on yet another note.... Jesse did not actually go to prison!  wow... that was the dumbest mistake and game of telephone ever!  
on Sunday night we were told by the district leader who was told by a friend of Jesse's who was told by Jesse's mom that Jesse was in jail again.  on Monday I told you about that.  On Wednesday we had dinner with Jesse and Laura and Lilly. 
that was the best dinner appointment of my mission!  Lilly was so proud of the little chicken salad she had made, Laura filled all our glasses and laughed huge the whole time!  they had pulled our a big desk and used it as a dinner table, sister empey and I got to sit at the head in big office chairs.  this family is so humble and so happy!  the spirit is soooooo strong in their home!  and they love love love talking about the Book of Mormon and church :) 
best part of the night:  Jesse!  that kid never went to jail!  in the three days since we had seen him he went on exchanges with the YSA elders and read 50 chapters into Alma.  he told us all about the stripling warriors and Moroni.  he basically taught us the lesson :)  
Jesse's dad was the one who went to jail.  his dad is not a great guy and Jesse isn't around him ever.  it's sad, but it wasn't what we had thought at all!  just super unfortunate miscommunication!  

oh yeah!  and have you all heard of Ephraims Rescue?  that is a bomb movie!  you have got to watch it and then send it to me :)  jk, but seriously :) 
now I have to go try and say goodbye to a gazillion people.  oh dear.  
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