Silver Linings Amidst January's Storms

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from Jan 6th--

....and I gave away the Book of Mormon card you got me for christmas.  
we play volley ball at the church every friday night... except that I just sit in the corner and read scriptures because the last time I tried to play I got hit in the face twice and volley ball is a sucky game anyway. but, back to the actually story!  we had a HUGE turn out last friday!  Laura and her family and some investigators from the ranch creek ward and some members.... it was great :)  so.... there is a recent convert, craig.  he is Jesse's friend who we didn't know about until jesse's baptism.. remember that story?  anyway, Craigs team lost, so while he was waiting for his turn to come up again he sat with me and asked me what I was doing.  I said "I'm marking all the scripture mastery's in this new set of scriptures."  and he asks "what in the world is scripture mastery?"  and so I share the one in Nephi with him and explain that there is a song about it and that the seminary kids memorize these and they are just super cool scriptures.  we ended up sitting for a while and talking about them, and then he asked about what was on the back on the cards and I showed him the cool map of the book of mormon stories and stuff and he was just so in love with it all and so wanting and willing to talk and learn about all of it!  I loved it!  so he asked where he could get one of them for himself and I was just like, whatever!  just take this one!  I still have your spanish one... I like it alot more anyway :)  even though it has the old mastery on it..... I've still got the big card with all of them :)  

from Jan 13th--

....on tuesday I gave that joke book you gave me in the beginning of my mission to Jason Mattingly.  and I actually gave that sweet card you sent me the other week to angela.  I'm noticing that these things are great to have and to read, but better to give :)  Angela needed it, and I have the thought written down. 
I have a plan to give her that daffodil principle book now as well.... I just honestly know she will get a lot out of that. 
on another note with Angela though... remember that baptism date? ......we have to look at this situation in a realistic and honest view.  she can't be pushed or prodded.  she just needs love and patience.  I don't plan to see her be baptized in my time here.  I just know she needs love.  I wish I could help others understand that it's okay to just love people. not everyone needs to be baptized right now. 
on friday we had exchanges.  I was in charge of Owasso for the day with sister Lawrence.  
the exchange was amazing!  
coolest part of the exchange:
I had a thought to try and visit this lady we had been trying to see all week.  I start driving down to her place and totally miss the turn!  crazy, cuz it's super obvious!  but right as I miss the turn I know where I'm going! 
I turn down the next street and keep going and turn again and stop in front of this house.  I don't know how I found it! 
this guy is a less active, his wife is not a member and they are never home.  we had tried their place a couple times almost a month ago. 
I don't even know why I thought to go there... or how I knew where it was! 
but we pull up, and I recognize the unique statue in front of their door.  and lo and behold!  there is a car in the driveway!!!
well.... it was only the husband home, so we couldn't go inside.  but we did give him a book of mormon! 
it wasn't amazing amazing, but it was a cool sign for me. 
I do listen to the spirit and I do feel it.  
the day after the exchange, on saturday, I was already signed into Tiwi, so I drove.  I never drive. 
something about driving gave me the confidence to be strong and say what I was thinking... so I just drove us straight way to this guys house.  I don't know why, I just wanted to.  My companion was super confused but I was confident in what I needed to do. 
this guy was home, we gave him a book of mormon and taught him how to pray.  he said an amazing prayer and asked God it the book was true and asked God to help him feel the truth of our words.  it was incredible!  best lesson of my entire mission!   his wife was there and his two little girls knelt with us.  wow!

oh, yesterday I did get to watch the CES devotional by Tad. R. Callister.  wooot!  that guy is really great!  that talk was amazing and I can't wait till I can print it!   even better was we watched it with the Mattingly family.... exept jason went in his room to watch football.  oh well.

from Jan 19th---

... I don't believe for a moment that I am wasting the Lords time.  I know I am doing what He wants me to do.  I have complete faith that I listen with all ears and I do what He asks when He asks.  I am NOT wasting His time!
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