Shotgunning Sapulpa

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Drum roll please.......

I am Shotgunning Sapulpa with sister Hatch.


so here is the story:
August 10th 2013 -Transfer Calls-

we tried so hard to stay busy.  Sister Magness knew she was leaving.  the entire day was spent with her saying goodbye to people and telling me where things were.  because she knew that if she left, it was up to me to run the area and take over where she left off.  so I'm freaking out just thinking about all the responsibility that comes with that!  

at 1:30 that day was Terry's baptism interview... and we didn't know it but the Owasso ward was holding a baptism at our building because theirs was being renovated at that moment.  so sister Magness and I quickly call up Kim and get her to come see a baptism. 
Terry loved watching one!   he is so excited for his baptism!  and Kim was in tears the whole time... her son Eric and Dylan were peaceful angels through the ordinance.  it was a miracle. 
we wanted so badly to meet with Kim afterward, but she was busy and we had to be home at 9:00 to sit and wait for the Transfer calls to come through.  

anyway.  we got home a little late.  at 10:25 we finally got the call.  
Sister Magness is going to Bentonville Arkansas!  she is shotgunning the area with Sister Gonzales... wow!  

and then... the worst.  no one thought I would leave.  but not the case.  I am going to Sapulpa.  

okay, are you ready for the Sapulpa story now?

Sapulpa is like Claremore, but south.  
Sister Magness was over the sisters in Sapulpa.  
I did an exchange in Sapulpa on Wednesday!  
I was there!  I know that place.... so it's not a super shock and crazy insane because I spent 24 hours there earlier this week.  

so here is the Sapulpa story.  I contacted a little (13 yr old) boy there with sister Gonzales (who is going to be Sister Magness new companion)  his name was Benjamin and I connected with him so well!  I told him all about King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon and he just ate it up!  he wanted to read it for himself.  I told him about prayer and he said a prayer with me before we left.  it was amazing!  in my journal I wrote : "I hate these 24 hour exchanges because I have experiances like that and I will never know the end to the story"  
and two days later, I get called to Sapulpa.  insane!  

the other thing about Sapulpa.... they live in an alley between walgreens and taco bueno..... no joke.  when I get there, I'll send pictures.  
actually when I was there with Sister Gonzales I took a couple pics.... mostly of me trying to get in and out of the bunk bed... because yes, they have bunk beds.  and also fleas and termites.... and Jesus pictures pasted in the shower.  

I'm not excited about the change in living.  I'm going to miss the Cruce family so much!!!! I was so spoiled in that house!  

Do you see the crazy pink carpet... and my super excited face about being there.... yeah.  and this was all before I knew I was going to be staying a transfer in there!!!

Inline image 2

Sister Gonzales is from Mexico... she hardly speaks English... but when I was in Sapulpa with her she made me the best mexican food for lunch and dinner and breakfast!  she is the cutest thing ever and sister Magness is so lucky!!!  :)

Inline image 3
Inline image 1
The Calvert Family!   We taught them every Sunday :)  

Inline image 2
Sister Rawlinson.  She is the stake YW president and she did splits with us almost everyday... this was Sunday night and my makeup is GONE because of all the tears!

Inline image 1
Sister Nelson who fed us every Saturday.  She gave the best hugs!!!  reminded me so much of my moms hugs.  Her Daughter, Kat, came with us on splits all the time.  Kat is in the MTC right now, she is headed to Canada :)

Inline image 3
The Eastmans!  I love these guys :)

So no more letter to Claremore please... although cool thing is the new sister coming to Claremore is a sister training leader... so I'm going to go to Claremore again for an exchange :)  yay!  

and we set Terry's baptism for the 17th, but when he learned that we were both getting transfered he asked that we move it to this wednesday!  so we will still be there for it!  I love that the Bishop and Brother Nelson did that for us and I am so excited :)  
I love Terry and I'm sad that Sydney won't be ready..... hopefully the new sister will be able to help her!

I hate that I am leaving this area.  I love these people!  

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