Weirdness of Missionary Life

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being a missionary is literally the weirdest thing ever. it's crazy and busy, yet all your doing is being friends with people.... yet you can't actually be friends with anyone because your a missionary and not an actually human being... but I am a human being... you can't have issues, you fix issues.  you can't have a "crisis of faith" because you have to teach faith.  being a missionary is the weirdest thing ever. Transfer calls are coming up soon..... oh dear! pray for me, I don't want to leave!  Claremore is amazing. we are almost done with exchanges.... two more!  one tonight and one on Wednesday.  I'm going to Sapulpa.... yup, I don't know where that is either!

the past exchanges have been..... an adventure. I was in Pawhuska last week.... they have a little house there, totally run down and dirty on the darker side of town, but okay. hey, did you know Oklahoma had tarantula?  yup.  did you know that they all live in the little house in Pawhuska?  yup.  did you know wolf spiders carry all their babies on their backs?  yup, I learned that this week as well.....

(a little swinging bridge in Pawhuska)

and me with green water.... sister Fox is a member in Claremore who just love Greenies!  (greenie = new missionary)  and she gave me some green water.... so that was fun :)  also, I have a bug bite on my neck.... cuz it's summer and humid and the mosquitoes are insane. 

so.... that's it really....

we had a really cool lesson this week on Thursday.Terry (who works with Brother Cruce) is on his way to be baptized on August 17. yay :)  we had a lesson at his house on Thursday and his twin brother, younger brother, friend and his brothers fiancé and her niece were all there.  we watched the restoration and talked about it and Terry and Sydney expressed how much they love the Book of Mormon.... coolest thing ever!  I kinda feel like we hit the jackpot with this house!  all of them came to sacrament meeting this Sunday as well... and it was testimony meeting!  yay  :)
we had a mission fast this Sunday.... for help with the coming months and all the new missionaries.  it was really amazing!  every one kneeling at exactly 5:00 Saturday night and then again at 5:00 Sunday night.  wow.

okay, well, that was my week. hope everyone is doing well!
Bye :)
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